what is this website?

simple answer really. is a private file hosting website.

why did you make this website?

i made this website because i didn't like, and i needed a side project. i also needed to touch web development again, and overcome my fear of web servers (which turn out to be easier than you think)

who made this website?

haze did. you can find his website here

as a user, what am i granted? is there anything i should know?

as a user, the only information that is stored about you is your email address, your username and your password, hashed with argon2i and a random salt. files uploaded by you only have a deletion key, therefore making the key the owner and not your account. images are also optimized to save space, and exif data is stripped from any images.

are there any api docs?

documentation can be found here. feel free to create your own tools for and email me

can i host a copy of this service myself?

yes! you can find the source (and possibly instructions) here

what file types are allowed?

all file types but the following are allowed (for obvious reasons)